The Church is actively involved in charity work both within its network and well beyond its borders.

Financial support is provided to the needy church members as donations to cover medical treatment, food expenses and also financial support to families of many children.

The Church is also working with the local social services. The elderly, lonely and poor are provided with free dinners on a daily basis.

There is cooperation between the church and local social services: free weekly lunches served to elderly, lonely and needy people.

Church members regularly visit elderly people in hospitals, contribute financially to buying medicines for tubercular clinic patients, come to the children in orphanages and boarding schools.

Charity work includes an internal program called Joseph as well as various external programs targeted to assist those in need.

The Joseph program is about believers bringing food products and clothes for those who have got into difficult circumstances due to the current economy crisis. People address the Donetsk Word of Life church ministers who, upon studying the situation, make an informed decision as for what help is  neseccary. So far, everybody who needed help has received it in full measure.

External social work of the church is carried out in the following directions:

In two districts of Donetsk we collaborate with the local social services by helping the old, lonely and poor weekly. These people get both emotional support through fellowship and free meals.

In another Donetsk district we work with a traumatology clinic, retirement home, tubercular clinic for adults and tubercular clinic for children. We preach the Gospel to them and help materially by purchasing medicines.

In the tubercular clinic for children the Church has installed a satellite dish to watch Christian channels, purchased toys for the kids, bought treatments. 

We work on providing charitable support to the House of Mercy of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Kyiv Patriarchate) which was started in January, 2011.