The Bible quotes: “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering towards slaughter.” (Proverbs, 24:11)

Nowadays alcohol and drug abuse doom many a man, especially the young ones, to suffering. The Word of Life Rehabilitation Centre opened its doors to such people in 1999. It has helped hundreds of people to break free from alcohol and drug addictions. Many have returned to their families, started leading a normal life and became full-fledged citizens of our country.

The objective of the Centre: resocialization of drug addicts, alcoholics, and HIV-infected youth by providing them with spiritual and psychological counseling on the solid basis of Christian morality.

Over its thirteen year history the Centre of Rehabilitation hosted 1336 people.

The Centre is visited by people from around Ukraine to be rehabilitated and renewed.

Relatives come to see the rehabilitants, watch the changes in their lives, and get counseling from the ministers on the further action to be taken after the rehabilitation process is complete.

The staff of the Rehabilitation Centre comprises 19 members who have higher spiritual and specialized education. The rehabilitants work both in the Centre itself and households in the vicinities. A greenhouse and an animal shelter came as a result of the rehabilitants’ efforts.

What’s more, a great amount of work was carried out to improve the Centre. The buildings and canteen were redecorated and repaired. The area of the Centre (1.5 hectares) was cleared up and refined.