Ukrainian parliamentarians and representatives of the churches continue to cooperate

On November 29, a regular session of the working group on the promotion of the activity of religious organizations was held in the format of the Secretariat of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations and representatives of the deputy group “Right of Choice”- Christian Democratic Union.

The session was attended by representatives of the churches, Ukrainian deputy Volodymyr Marushchenko, a member of the Assembly of the Christian Democratic Union Yuriy Reshetnikov, and the head of the board of the Institute for Religious Freedom, Oleksandr Zaiets. 

Ukrainian deputy Volodymyr Marushchenko reported about the activity of the deputy group in the area of ensuring the freedom of worship, promotion of the activity of religious organizations, particularly, the registration of a bill on organization of parliamentary hearings on the “state of church-state relations in Ukraine.”

Representatives of the group contributed to the process of restoring reduced utility prices for religious organizations.

The participants discussed the questions of the joint work for the next period. In particular, it was decided to concentrate on the mentioned parliamentary hearing and approval of the bill on moratorium and privatization of religious property. 


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