Delegation of the Ukrainian Council of Churches will hold a series of high-level meetings in Canada and the USA

On Sunday, April 22, the delegation of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations arrived in Toronto (Canada), where began the official activities within the framework of the program in honor of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky’s heritage.

The UCCRO session and meetings with representatives of the local religious communities will take place on Monday, April 23.

Leaders and authorized representatives of the Ukrainian denominations will hold meetings in the Parliament of Canada with the participation of ministers and parliamentarians, as well as meetings with high-ranking executive officials in Ottawa on April 24-25. An interdenominational meeting in the Mahzikey Hadas synagogue is also stipulated by the schedule of visit.

There will also be a symposium "Ethical action in extreme conditions" on the basis of the Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute. The event aims to discuss the role of religious leaders in combating violence and xenophobia, protection of moral principles and inalienable right to life. In particular, the Symposium will honor a worthy example of Metropolitan Sheptytsky as a peacemaker during the Second World War.

The delegation of the Ukrainian Council of Churches and religious organizations will visit U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and participate in thematic discussion in Washington (USA) on Thursday, April 26.

There will also be held formal meetings in the U.S. Senate and in the Ukrainian Embassy in the capital of the USA.

The UCCRO delegation will meet with leaders of Jewish communities in the United States and the Ukrainian community in the United States in New York, April 27-29.

The UCCRO delegation of leaders and authorized representatives of denominations is accompanied by representatives of Ukrainian mass media, academic circles, intelligentsia and public organizations.

The program in honor of Metropolitan Andrei Sheptytsky’s heritage is organized by the Ukrainian-Jewish Meeting Initiative” with the support of the Union of Jewish Religious Organizations of Ukraine.

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