The church today

On the basis of the Donetsk church a religious union of churches was founded in 1994, which in consequence was named the Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church (further on UCEC.) Over the years of its spiritual and missionary activities UCEC has grown into an all-Ukrainian protestant union. 

Charity and social work are profoundly developed. The church renders spiritual and material support to those in need both in church and in society. Significant work is carried out in rehabilitation and adaptation centres, tubercular clinics, orphanages, boarding schools, and hospices. The church helpline is on every day and church ministers are always ready to listen and to help.

Every Word of Life church conducts weekly Sunday church services, prayer meetings.


Home groups gather once a week  and is an opportunity for the believers to get to know each other better and spend some time in prayer and fellowship in a family atmosphere.


The church pays huge amount of attention to spiritual upbringing of the next generation – children, teenagers and youth. Every Sunday a school for kids take place during all the four meetings where they learn about God and the Bible in an exciting and easy to grasp way, join interesting quizzes and contests. Summer and winter camps are annually organised for  our young people where one may have a full-fledged rest for their spirit, soul and body.  


In the course of a year various conferences and festivals are held, with the youth from the whole of Ukraine attending.






The World of Life Bible institute functions on the base of the church to provide spiritual education to the church members and proper theology training to the ministers.

The church is actively involved in the life of Ukrainian society. It collaborates with different denominations in joint projects and events which positively impact the development of our country. The church takes an active social stand in Ukraine.