Address to Pastors and Believers of Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church

Dear friends, brothers and sisters, peace be to you!

It is with sincere love in our hearts and the desire of goodness and mutual understanding we come with this address to you.

Due to the difficult situation related to sending out of letters of Swedish ministers and believers of UCEC we encourage you to keep the peace, unity, love to God and to our neighbors, and to refrain from emotional decisions and conclusions based on rumors. Instead, as the Scripture says, let's "follow after the things which make for peace and mutual edification."

On our part, we continue to pray, negotiate with the Swedish side in the hope of restoring our fraternal relations. We want to assure you that Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church, led by its Senior pastor (bishop) Leonid Padun, remains faithful to the Lord and to its vocation.

Therefore, let us be at peace, and be patient, and let us also join our prayers and efforts to fulfill the will of God, serving one another and the people of Ukraine.

May God bless you!

With love in Christ, and respect for all,

Leonid Padun, Chairman of the Board of Bishops of UCEC, Senior Bishop, Pastor of Donetsk Church
Members of the Board of Bishops:
Alexander Bespalov, Pastor UCEC in Poltava region, Pastor of Lviv Church
Salamakha, Bishop UCEC in Kiev region, Pastor of Belaya Tserkov Church
Tatiana Padun, Assistant to Senior Bishop of UCEC in Dnipropetrovsk region, Pastor of Dnepropetrovsk Church
Vladimir Gusev, Pastor of Kiev Church
Dmitry Gula, Pastor of Simferopol Church
Vladimir Korshun, Pastor of Poltava
Alexey Mironenko, Mission Director, Donetsk
Galina Kuchinskaya, Assistant to Donetsk Church Pastor on prayer life