Don't Stop 2013 conference took place! (video and photos)

Every year youth conference "Don't Stop" was held in Donetsk, 5th-7th of April. This year young people of the church made all preparations on their own: decorated the hall, started and ended the sermons, called for repentance, prayed against needs, made advertisement, ministered in media department and sang in glorification group. All guests were fed and accommodated. Everyone, whose heart was eager to serve and help had such an opportunity!

This year the speakers of the conference were a senior bishop of Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church Leonid Padun, bishop of Ural Union of Churches of Christians of Evangelic Faith, pastor of "New Life" church (Ekaterinburg) Victor Sudakov, evangelist, pastor of "New Generation" church (Kharkov) Anton Tishenko, winner of the beauty contest "Miss Ukraine - 2007" Lika Roman.

Every sermon was provided with the word, filled with the Holy Spirit, that changed the hearts and destinies of the young people. The conference as a whole was just like a many-sided diamond, uncovering the Word of God in its entirety. Many people were released from sins, their bodies and souls were healed, and they got happiness and new hope in God!

The program of the conference was rich and varied. During the breaks, young people had plenty of communication, visited the art-cafe, took part in the talk-show with the speakers. A special meeting for the girls was held with Lika Roman, the so-called "hen party". In other words there was not a minute to be board!

A real celebration for the guests and participants was the arrival of Imah Otejiri with "Rhythms of David" gospel-group and "Vessels of Mercy" choir from Luhansk. A bright and catching glorification of African musicians did not leave anyone indifferent!

At the end of the conference there was a concert of "Gospel People" group.
Guys were singing and sharing their personal evidences, encouraging the young people to follow God with all their hearts.

VIDEO (Rus):

5.04.2013, 12.00. Anton Tishchenko

5.04.2013, 15.00. Lika Roman

5.04.2013 г, 18.00. Imah Otejiri

6.04.2013, 09.00. Anton Tishchenko

6.04.2013, 13.00. Viktor Sudakov

6.04.2013, Talk-show with sreakers

6.04.2013, 19.00. Praise and worship meeting. Leonid Padun

7.04.2013, 12.00. Church meeting. Viktor Sudakov, Lika Roman

7.04.2013, 15.00. Viktor Sudakov. Lika Roman


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