Charity event: "CHOICE" (photo)

June, 30 on Youth Day at 19:00 in the Petrovsky Park (White Church) took the Christian campaign called "CHOICE", organized by the Evangelical Christian Church "Source of Life" on the basis of Charitable Fund of Social Rehabilitation "Way Out".

The main objective of the action "CHOICE" was preaching the gospel through affordable for youth perception - performances by musical groups, theatrical performance, the testimonies and the various pieces of information, relevant to the theme of the event.

The promotional program was attended by guests from Sumy, Kiev, namely: PILBEG, PAL GENUS, JULIA DZHUSUPOVA and KEDR NA LIVANE (Cedar in Lebanon). The highlight of the event was a theatrical performance, mime, which was set by young people of the church "Source of Life", in the mime actors vividly demonstrated what could be the consequences of the wrong CHOICE.

The event took place in an inspirational and fun atmosphere, each song and speech was an appeal to the younger generation about the true Christian values on which every young person can stand firmly.

Speakers stressed the importance of careful choice of one’s own future, appreciation of life, respect to family values, and set the right priorities and habits that would not destroy and devastate lives, as said Albert Camus - "Life is the sum of all our CHOICES."

The action was completed by the prayer of repentance of the majority of young people who turned to God. This unforgettable evening left fond memories in the hearts of the people, and for some, who made the right CHOICE, it changed their lives - giving - ETERNAL.