Guests from Sweden visited Donetsk Church "Word of Life" (video, photos)

Three wonderful and productive days passed in Donetsk church "Word of life" (UCEC) together with guests from Sweden, who founded and run the largest Christian portal in Scandinavia (, exploring trends in modern Christianity.

In the early 90's Daniel Forslund was trained at Bible School "Word of Life" in Uppsala (Sweden), for many years he was a missionary in Mexico, now he lives in Stockholm. Andreas Glandberger lives in Uppsala.

Guests from Sweden shot a series of interviews on important topics and issues in the modern Christian community: the division in large denominations, the cult of personality, relationships with international organizations.

On Sunday, February 2nd Daniel Forslund told the church about the situation with Christianity in Sweden, focusing on the fact that the Christian world goes far beyond individual organizations and denominations, and also he shared with the parishioners the word about importance of keeping Gospel truths in the last days before the coming of Jesus Christ.