Marc Swiger conducted teaching school for pastors and leaders in Donetsk (photo)

On the 5th and 7th of March, teaching School for pastors and leaders took place at the Bible center of UCEC (Donetsk). Evangelist Marc Swiger from the USA shared his experience in practical principles of teaching and successful ministry to people on the basis of the Scripture. Also, on Tuesday evening, March 5th, at the meeting for church leaders, Marc Swiger imparted his prophetic message about the forthcoming Revival in Ukraine and explained the signs of its soon approach. On Wednesday, March 6th, he carried out general church meeting, during which many people were healed from the diseases. 

Marc Swiger started to preach Gospel when he was 18 years old. He was a pastor for 20 years and then he entered Evangelization ministry. Marc Swiger spent 10 years in India, where he carried out a great many of crusades and meetings in tents, preaching to millions of people. He witnessed more than 500 thousands of Muslims and Hinduism followers becoming Christians, after which the government of India told Marc Swiger to leave their country. This is the reason why he cannot get to India for the last 6 years. Nevertheless, evangelist Marc Sweiger goes on with his ministry and visits many countries preaching the Gospel, namely, China and South America.