Three days of fasting and praying were finished in Donetsk (photo)

Three days of fasting and praying of Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church were finished on the 15th of March in Donetsk. In unity and humility, ministers and believers of the church from different parts of Ukraine were seeking God and His will for the church and Ukraine. People also prayed about the Revival, salvation of other people and about future generation. Every prayer found its place in hearts of the believers and was approved by God's presence. 

Senior bishop of UCEC Leonid Padun called the church to live in peace and brotherly love. He also shared his Word from God, His future direction and prospects for the church and for the union on the whole. Pastor Leonid prayed for every minister.

Fasting and praying event was completed by festive sermon and communion, after which a collective dinner and further pastoral dialogue took place.