Prayer and Fast in Donetsk (photo)


October, 26 was the final day of the three days of fasting and prayer of Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church. From morning to evening believers lifted up their hearts and minds in prayers to God for Ukraine and the upcoming elections, for a better life for the Ukrainian people and for His will to come true in the life of the Church.

Within the frames of the fasting and prayer an evening service was held on October 24 where the Senior bishop of UCEC Leonid Padun preached on the importance of our choices in everyday life and the responsibility which is behind every choice we made. In the timely message titled "Your choice" pastor Padun said, "The ability to choose is God’s institution. Even in the Garden of Eden, God placed the tree of knowledge of good and evil, that Adam and Eve could make their own choices: to stay with God, or to lose Him. The ability to choose shows the difference between the free people and the slaves”. “No choice - no freedom" - stated Pastor Leonid.