Prayer and fasting Conference in Donetsk

March the 16th was the last day of the three days of fasting and prayer Conference of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church which took place in Donetsk.  From early morning until late afternoon the main hall of the “Word of Life” Bible Institute for 1000 seats was filled to capacity.

Ministers and church members from almost every region of Ukraine gathered to pray in one accord for salvation of the Ukrainian nation and the nations of the world, to pray for children and youth, for the economy of the country and its government, for new churches to be born and established, and that the unity of God may abide between the Christians. There were also prayers for the secular and spiritual educational systems of Ukraine.

Every day spent in fasting and prayer was filled with God’s presence and power of the Holy Spirit.  Crying out to God the Christians of the union were asking for the help of the One Who has all power and authority in heaven and on earth, being confident that He will hear their prayers and bring about the good changes in the future!