On the 29th of January 2013 a meeting of pastor Leonid Padun with pastor Ulf Ekman took place. The reason for the meeting was a "continued crisis" in the " Word of Life". During the meeting pastor Leonid saw many proofs of his estimate that pastor Ulf formed his opinion on the basis of rumours and gossips. Such opinion of pastor Ulf caused to be the reason that obvious non-confirmed lies were spread by people who decided pastor Ekman's authority higher than the authority of the Word of God. The following state of matters brought to the division among the churches.


Pastor Ulf Ekman was not alone at the meeting, though it was particularly his demand, stated in advance, that the meeting is to be only of a personal character. Apart from pastor Ulf, there were several members of the board of the "Word of Life International". Pastor Leonid was categorically refused to have anyone with him at the meeting.

During the meeting pastor Ulf didn't mention any accusation from the list of sins, for commitment of which, a bishop could be dismissed on the basis of the Scripture.

From his side, pastor Leonid showed his gratitude to pastor Ulf for having possibility to meet, for his ministry and spiritual contribution. He also showed his brotherly love and assured pastor Ulf of his desire to have a further dialogue and to answer all questions, providing the facts, but not gossips and anyones' commentaries.

Pastor Leonid asked pastor Ulf to forgive him if there was anything he could have disappointed him with and suggested further cooperation, brotherly Christian relations, based on mutual regard. He expressed his willingness to serve God and people together in the Kingdom of God, but unfortunately this proposition of pastor Leonid was declined by pastor Ulf and the board of the "Word of Life International".