The Interdenominational Campaign dedicated to Dignity and Protection of the unborn took place in Donetsk

On the 1st of June the Annual Interdenominational March for Life took place in Donetsk. It is held to promote the Dignity and Protection of the unborn. The joint campaign against abortion organized by Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church was attended by representatives of Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches of Donetsk and the region.

After a solemn procession through the city with posters and slogans communicating pro-life messages and calling to eradicate abortions in Ukraine, believers gathered at the central square in Donetsk. The Meeting related to pro-life issues was followed by a Concert with participation of various groups of churches.

The priests - leaders of the churches- addressed all those present at the square with short messages calling the people of good will to speak up for the rights of the unborn children. Then a corporate prayer was offered and a joint resolution in defense of unborn signed. The resolution will be directed to the appropriate authorities.

Resolution was signed by:

Leonid Padun, Senior Bishop of Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church

Sergiy, Archbishop of Donetsk and Mariupol, Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Kiev Patriarchate

Vasil Pantelyuk, Chancellor of the Exarchate of Donetsk-Kharkiv Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Sergey Karpenko, Senior Pastor of the Bible Church of Ukraine

Vladimir Kovynev, Regional Bishop, Senior Pastor of the "Church of God"