The leaders of the Lugansk region churches gathered at the conference

The Pastoral Leadership Conference with the leaders of Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church from the twenty towns and cities of Lugansk region was held in May 13 in Lugansk.

The conference program included three meetings. At the first two meetings the speaker was Leonid Padun, senior pastor of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church and pastor of the "Word of Life" church in Donetsk.

Pastor Leonid in his first sermon addressed to what God has prepared for us in the next twenty years. The Lord does not hide his plans, but to get to know them we need to understand the language in which He proclaims to us His will and His plans. This language is the language of faith; in it God speaks to anyone who wants to fulfill the will of God.

"The value of the Church is God's presence" - this statement of the pastor Leonid was a keynote of his sermon at the second meeting of conference. "The church is the born again people, it is also God's temple, where God wants to be present when believers gather together, and whatever we do during the church meeting, the purpose of all is the real presence of God".

The third and final meeting was devoted to the definition of the biblical foundations of the Church and its unchangeable goals. "The Purposeful Church" – that was the title of sermon of Alexandr Danilevsky, senior pastor of the Lugansk Regional Administration of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church. "We reach people for them to become worshipers and disciples of Jesus Christ, to join to His church, to serve God and people", - these are the aims of the Church outlined by pastor Alexandr. This motto contains everything that the Lord Jesus commanded every believer to fulfill: to love God and people, to preach the Gospel, to grow spiritually and be in communication with all the saints".

Since 2007, the conference of Lugansk Regional Administration of the UCEC is annually visited by almost eight hundred parishioners of churches located in two dozen cities and towns of Lugansk region. This year's conference format had to change because in Lugansk was no free premises that can accommodate all those wishing to become participants in this annual event. The hall where the Lugansk "Word of Life" church is gathering accommodated over four hundred pastors, leaders and ministers of the regional churches.

Press service of the Lugansk Regional Administration of UCEC