Easter Celebration in the "Word of Life" Church of Donetsk (photo)

The celebration of Christ’s Resurrection by the Donetsk "Word of life" began on April 15 at 10:00 am with a Church Service, held at “Yunost” City Hall. The program was filled with songs and music, Bible reading about the sufferings, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Senior Bishop of Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church, Donetsk "Word Life" church Pastor Leonid Padun preached on the Gospel parable of the prodigal son about the great price that the Son of God had to pay for Salvation of all mankind. He left the Father's House and made Himself low than the worst fallen sinner. But Christ is risen! Today He seats at the right hand of God the Father in heaven and is willing and ready to grant forgiveness and give His garments of righteousness to everyone who believes in Him!

The Easter celebration continued with a solemn procession downtown Donetsk. Proclaiming the good news of Savior’s Resurrection the festively decorated columns of believers went along the main street to the central square in Donetsk, where the concluding ceremony and a concert took place. Various worship and drama groups from different churches of Donetsk participated in the concert.

All those present at the square were greeted by:

L.Padun - Senior Bishop of UHETC, pastor of the "Word of Life", Church of Donetsk;

Father Sergy - Rev. UOC-KP, Head of Chaplain ministry;

A.Beskrovny - Bishop, chairman of the Donetsk regional union of Pentecostal Churches of Ukraine, Pastor of "Grace" church;

A.Zaitsev - Bishop of the Donetsk Association of the Union of Free Churches of Ukraine, Pastor of "Church of Christ the Saviour", Donetsk;

Ph.Soares - Pastor of the Donetsk "Assemblies of God" Church of Donetsk;

V.Kovynev - Regional Bishop, Pastor of "The Church of God", Donetsk.