Artur Simonyan: "The happiness for a Christian to find your calling and is to serve God and people"

On February 12th two special worship services were held by the "Word of Life» Christian Church in Kiev. The Church was visited by Artur Simonyan who is a world-famous preacher and a successful Pastor from Armenia. This is Pastor Artur's first visit to the church.

Pastor Arthur Simonian addressed the congregation with inspiring and encouraging message. Based on examples from the Bible, he urged every Christian while dreaming of future victories not to get stuck in the past and not to miss the present opportunities in life.

He encouraged anyone who is disappointed in some of the areas of life, to give it all to God, because "with God's help, our weaknesses can become our strength and our blessing!"

It is those people who have been through hard times in their lives, can then be a great blessing for those who still have to go through similar situations.

At the second meeting Pastor Artur Simonyan called everyone in the church to press on in finding their calling from the Lord. "Happy and blessed is the man or a woman who have found his or her calling and have taken his or her place in life - in family, church, or society, utilizing their talents and gifts from God to serve others," - said the preacher.

Bringing vivid examples from his own life, Pastor Arthur Simonian said that having found his rightful place from the Lord in the Kingdom of God a Christian he will be successful, satisfied and capable of helping others.  At the end of the meeting the whole congregation prayed a common prayer for the will of God and the calling of God to come through in the life of the people of the church.

Photo - Y.Kotyuh