The "Word of life" Church in Kiev held the annual conference to celebrate its 12th anniversary

On December 11, 2011 the "Word of life" Church in Kiev held the annual conference to celebrate its 12th anniversary. In the opening word Pastor Vladimir Gusev welcomed the congregation and said that a church is God’s family, and its arms are wide open to receiver everyone who is hungry of Christ.

This year’s celebration services in the local church in Kiev were a continuation of the Kiev regional conference of UCEC. The regional conference took place the day before in the city of Byelaya Tserkov. Guests from many cities of the Kiev region, as well as from Odessa and Donetsk came to take part in the joyful assembly of believers.

The particularly anticipated speaker of the conference was Pastor Leonid Padun, the Senior Bishop of Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church (UCEC). Pastor Leonid’s coming to the conference has become a good tradition and he misses no opportunity to greet our church in the capital city and share inspiring words from the Lord.

Pastor Leonid Padun’s preaching, filled with examples of total commitment to Christ and encouragement for the daily life of prayer and the complete reliance on God, was rather a message from his heart then a sermon.

Special attention was devoted by Pastor to his recent trip to Vietnam. He shared his impressions of the country's cultural context as well as Vietnamese believers’ spiritual hunger. With great anticipation they receive the Gospel and God's miracles of healings.

The second message Pastor Leonid preached at the conference in Kiev, challenged Christian men to take responsibility that men must take for the family, church and society, showing others the true example of Christian dedication.

At the end Pastor prayed for all the men who responded and came forward demonstrating their unity and willingness to stand for Christian values. Then the men prayed for our country, the church and for all the mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.

That Sunday the atmosphere in the Kiev church was filled with particular joy and acceptance inherent to God's family.  After the worship many of the believers remained in the hall to exchange their impressions and the Word, which echoed in every heart that was opened to receive from God that day.

Press Service of the "Word of Life" Kiev

Photo Report - Eugene Kotyuh