The Christmas Conference in Donetsk (video, audio, photo)

The Christmas Conference which took place in Donetsk January 4 to 6 became a real gift for the local congregation.

The speakers of the conference were

Leonid Padun - Senior Bishop of the Ukrainian Christian Evangelic Church, pastor of "Word of Life", Donetsk,

Maxim Maximov - Bishop of "New Life" churches in Kazakhstan, Senior pastor of the "New Life" in Almaty, Founder of CNL – the First Christian channel in Russian and Ukrainian ,

Victor Sudakov - Head of the Ural Union of Evangelical Faith Christians, founder and pastor of the "New Life" church of Ekaterinburg.

All meetings were held in the atmosphere of Christian love and unity. God touched the hearts of people, healing and comforting, filling with His peace, joy and hope. Every service was special, the lives of many people has changed dramatically!