"Called to change the world"

“Called to change the world” was this years’ motto of the Annual Regional Conference for children and teenagers which took place at the "Word of Life" Bible Institute (UCEC) in Donetsk. This time the conference was attended by Christian kids from more than 26 cities and towns of Donetsk region: Dokuchayevsk, Dobropillya, Makeyevka, Elenovka, Krasnogorovka, Novoazovsk, Avdeevka, Khartsyzsk and others.

Already at the entrance the guests immediately plunged into an atmosphere of great joy. It was much fun to watch the enthusiastic children and adults when they entered the main auditorium which was nicely decorated with colored balls. Every smile, every shout of joy and the bursts of laughter merged into a single "bunch" of Celebration.

The conference began with praise and worship and everyone in the hall seemed to be actively participating in it. Many adults and children experienced a strong presence of God: the Lord was touching hearts, healing many and filling every heart with His grace and love. Then teenagers prayed for such important and serious things as the situation in Ukraine and its government, the construction of the church building as well as the Global mission. Tatiana Kostenko who is the leader of the "Word Life Children ministry gave an inspiring message that Christians are called to change the world, and it all begins with changing yourself and your heart.

The second part of the conference brought the participants much joy with vivid and original artistic performances. Children from different cities sang, danced, and performed excellent dramas. The conference ended with a fantastic dance of the group of kids from Makeyevka city and the Fireworks!