Time to learn and time to win!

More than 130 students of the Donetsk Word of Life Bible Institute (1st and 2nd years) celebrated the successful completion of the academic year. On Saturday, June 30 the graduates were given their diplomas and having received the blessing of the church ministers went to their towns and villages to put the knowledge into practice and bring the Good News into the world.

The teachers of the Institute addressed the students with words of encouragement wishing all those who reached the end of the Biblical training program to keep up the good work and be diligent in following God. The teachers reminded the graduates of the importance of our constant complete inner reliance on God and that we should always ask Him for wisdom, remaining "poor in spirit" and open to The Word.

On the example of the great King David, who never lost a single battle in life and is one of the most successful people in the Bible, Leonid Padun, Senior Pastor of the UCEC, Rector of the Word of Life Bible Institute, shared with the students the secrets and principles of influence.

"Be like David! Every one of us has his or her own “Philistines” to fight against. Besides, sometimes we are surrounded by weak, frightened people who, instead of going forward sit still and do nothing - Said Pastor Leonid – However this does not mean that we should be the same. If our heart is zealous for God and His Church, we can have victory in our lives and influence the entire world".