About the project

For over 16 years we were charged the highest fees to rent halls in our city. We were holding church services at freezing temperatures in winters and in the unbearable summer heat. Paying that price, we were going on believing God, and in 1995 he told us “Start building!”

Since then we have had numerous trials and various persecutions, have faced misunderstanding from states officials. That notwithstanding, we have always witnessed God’s help and support.

In 2005 we succeeded in buying out a former cinema building, which was in a desperate need for capital repairs and reconstruction. Concurrently, we were looking for a site for construction. Naturally, both undertakings resulted in sizeable expenses, and the church budget was not sufficient. Our church was working in a variety of ways in Donetsk, Ukraine and abroad, so we simply could not afford to bring those activities to a standstill.

Thus, a partnership program was started, enabling every churchgoer to actively participate in constructing the house of God. Through combined efforts, with our finance and prayers firmly coupled, not only did we manage to reconstruct the former cinema building, which is home to our church services and our Bible institute, but we also commenced construction works of the main church building.

The 2.6-hectare land plot for our construction is strategically located in Donetsk. Next to it is the central city motorway. A stone’s throw from there are the bus-station, railway-station and airport.

The new church building will be spacious enough to host all-Ukrainian and regional conferences, aw well as other Ukrainian Christian Evangelical Church’s activities.

Land plot for construction


Preliminary design of the church building


At the start of the process an array of construction options were considered, but metalware religious building were not constructed in Ukraine at that time.

Today, however, we have this opportunity, and thanks to a new metalware construction concept we can harvest the following benefits:

  • sizeable shortening of the construction period
  • significant reduction of the construction costs
  • maximizing the advantages of the land plot natural relief
  • unique opportunity of phased construction





1.1. Main hall and big tribune:

First we are going to build the main hall and the big tribune. At minimal financial investments we are going to locate all necessary technical rooms and facilities beneath this tribune (corridors, cloakrooms, toilets, first-aid posts, etc.), without which the building cannot be exploited. Due to this unique concept all below-tribune rooms are bound to be light and spacious, with high ceilings. 

1.2. Adding side tribunes:

Then we are going to construct side tribunes (providing a large number of seats), under which it is possible to locate cafeterias, childcare rooms, Sunday school classes, camera rooms for subsequent TV-broadcasting, interpreters rooms, etc.

1.3. Adding balconies:


We will be able to construct the balconies at any time, say in 5, 10,15 years, when we need and are able to afford that. With this concept in mind the building will be both economical and possessing a big seating capacity. The parterre, big tribune, side tribunes and balconies will account for a lot of seats. Because of the metalware technology we will be capable of building gradually, but we will be able to start using the building in 2012 anyway. 







An array of rooms and offices for versatile directions and ministries of the church (exceeding 40) are going to be located in this building. Also there will be conference-halls, a mini-hotel, a restaurant, a café, a fitness-club, etc.

What’s more, this building will serve as a potent missionary base for equipping an immense pool of ministers to accomplish the calling of our church – to spread the Gospel across the globe.

God said that Ukraine will be a physical and spiritual breadbasket for a multitude of nations, and we passionately believe we will see this word come true.

Construction of the house of God marks the beginning of our missionary call completion.

We invite you to join a great team of the construction partnership program.

Sharing in the work of God we make a huge investment in the future of our children and our country.

May the Lord bless you!